Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Imperfect Harmony - Reading Together - Toward the Unknown Region

As Stacy reflects on choral singing and its history, here are the quotes from this week's reading that stood out to me.

"Choral singing was once exclusively a church thing, and it would appear that this is the message the religious want to give us at this lovely time of year: don’t get too excited about those cherry blossoms that have already begun to perish, because they won’t last forever and neither will you." (page 68, Kindle Edition)

"In the end, singing was simply the most democratic and accessible entry point to great art as a participant, and choral societies became the outlet for amateurs to sing and perform." (page 73, Kindle Edition)

"Even though God is not the answer for me, the music written in His name is. It both eases whatever pain I am suffering from and heightens all my joys. While it sometimes feels as if religion only separates people, the music brings us together." (page 78, Kindle Edition)

"Singing is the ultimate communion. You’re not just listening to the music, but becoming it." (page 85, Kindle Edition)

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