Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teach Like a Champion - Part 7 (Reading Together)

This chapter covers techniques referring to building character and trust in and with your students.

- Positive Framing
Correct behavior by giving students a postive action to take, assuming the best, making initial corrections without using names, and giving students a challenge to fulfill.

- Precise Praise
Acknowledge (in other words, thank) expected behavior. Praise exceptional behavior.

- Warm/Strict
These are not mutually exclusive. Be clear and consistent while also being positive and caring.

- The J-Factor
Find joy in the work of learning.

- Emotional Constancy

- Explain Everything
Help your students understand the rationale behind the rules and expectations.

- Normalize
Since making mistakes is a natural part of learning, know how to handle answers. For wrong answers: don't chasten, but don't excuse either. For right answers: don't flatter, but don't fuss either.

Now to you: What stood out to you in this chapter?

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