Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Teaching Like a Champion: Part 3 (Reading Together)

This chapter deals with how to structure and deliver your lessons in a way that helps your students gain and retain knowledge.

Lemov recommends using the I/We/You approach in order to move the knowledge from the teacher to the student.

I Techniques*
- The Hook: Use a short, engaging introduction to excite students about learning.
- Name the Steps: Give students specific steps by which to work or solve problems of the type you're presenting.
- Board = Paper: Model for students how to track the information they need to retain from your lessons.
- Circulate: Move around the classroom to engage and hold students accountable.

We Techniques*
- Break It Down: Respond to a lack of clear student understanding by breaking a problematic idea down into component parts.
- Ratio: Push more and more of the cognitive work out to students. Feigned ignorance (by the teacher) and unbundling can be especially useful.
- Check for Understanding: Determine whether students are ready for more and if they need the material presented again.

You Techniques
- At Bats: Students have the opportunity for lots of repetition.
- Exit Ticket: A single question to answer at the close of class.
- Take a Stand: Students make a judgment about the answer of one of their peers.

*taken from pages 73-74

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