Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaching Like a Champion: Part 2 (Reading Together)

I found this section about planning helpful and I'm already thinking about ways I can implement the techniques that were discussed.

This week's chapter focused on planning that ensures academic achievement. Unlike the other techniques, these six are designed to be done before you enter your classroom.

Begin with the end

- start your planning with what objective you want to achieve

Four criteria for effective objectives

- manageable (should be completed within a single lesson)
- measurable
- made first
- most important (focus only on what's important for your students on their journey to college)

Post your objective in your classroom

Shortest path

- the simplest explanation or strategy is best

Double plan

- plan what your students will be doing while you're teaching

Draw the map

- plan how your classroom layout will reinforce how you want your students to engage with you, the material, and each other

What stood out to you? Leave your comments below.
Read chapter 3 for next week and come back here to join the discussion.

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