Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Piano Teacher's Guide to Creative Composition - Part 2 (Reading Together)

I hope you have had a good week. I've enjoyed this week's reading again and hope you have as well.

This chapter focuses on the "tools" of composition. Here are some notes regarding this chapter.

Elements of Composition
Klose starts with a simple list of things that students can do to add different elements to their compositions.

Basic Building Blocks
The next section then lists the basic building blocks of composition, such as musical forms, rhythm, tempo, pitch, melody choices, and harmony.

Expanded Elements
A further section on more expanded elements follows. It includes a list of more complicated and more finely nuanced elemnts of music. It also contains ideas on music notation, including ones outside the norm.

Explaining Compositional Terms
The final section of this chapter outlines how to explain compositional terms to your students. It focuses on three main concepts of music composition (and how to explain each). The three concepts are architecture, texture, and articulation.

I am finding so far that I really like the hands-on information that Klose gives in her chapters.

What did you like from this chapter? Please leave your comments below!

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