Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Piano Teacher's Guide to Creative Composition - Part 1 (Reading Together)

I have enjoyed getting started on this book this week. I have found some new ideas from my reading this week and am excited about implementing them in my studio.

Here are some notes regarding this chapter:

Klose starts off by listing three sources for inspiration: emotion (or feeling), text (such as lyrics or poetry), and models.
She then outlines types of sources and examples of each source. She also describes the process of how to develop a composition for each type of source.

Thinking Outside of the Box
The next couple of pages cover some examples that you can have your students try in order to get them thinking outside of the box.

Question-Answer Game
One of my favorite sections (and one I plan on using with my students!) is her Question-Answer Game. The idea is for the teacher to play a simple and short melody line and to have the student answer back with a melody line that imitates the rhythm of the question line.

Klose finishes out the chapter with an excellent FAQ section. Among other things, she addresses how to implement these ideas with your students and what to do about having your students write down their compositions.

What stood out to you from this chapter? Please leave your comments below!

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