Thursday, May 11, 2017

World Piano News - It’s All About the Instrument

World Piano News delivers the latest news and information relating to the piano - the instrument that is - in a crisp and entertaining fashion.

You won’t find reviews of so-and-so’s new cd release, or lessons on improving your improv skills.

You will, however, find stories about new pianos on the market, interesting instruments coming up for auction, explainers covering various piano technologies, exhibitions, pianos of the rich and famous, pianos in art… there’s always something new to report - and WPN delivers a handful of great stories each and every a week.

In the past month we’ve:
- looked at Steinway’s, new art-case piano
- reported on the hoard of 913 gold coins found in a 1906 piano
- discussed Yamaha’s new SX series of grand pianos
- seen the return of an historic grand to Brighton’s Royal Pavilion after 170 years
- featured the latest yacht pianos
- examined a new piano player
- detailed events at the All About Piano! exhibition including a lecture on the “prepared piano”
… and much, much more.

Take a look today.

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