Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Late Starters Orchestra - Reading Together - Introduction

"Rhythm emerges from your body. Rhythm is the organizing principal of the natural world—and of our lives, too. Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to your breathing. Be aware of your footsteps. The beat is not something you have to learn. It is something you have to let come forth from your very being."
(page 8, Kindle Edition)

"Over my lifetime I had worked hard to reach my goals. Everything took effort: my writing, my teaching, my friendships, my parenting, my faith, my marriage. What if, I wondered, I applied the same energy, commitment, and hard-work ethic to the cello as I did to everything else? Could I be good? Could I be worthy of the title musician?"
(page 14, Kindle Edition)

You just finished reading The Late Starters Orchestra - Reading Together - Introduction.
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