Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Reading Together - How to Teach - The Meaning of Play in Education

"It is this fusion of work and play that is desirable in education. This is the great lesson of play--it shows the value and encourages the logical combination of the two activities." (page 104, Kindle Edition)

"The play spirit is the spirit of art. No great result was achieved in any line of human activity without much work, and yet no great result was ever gained unless the play spirit controlled. It is to this interaction of work and play that each owes much of its value." (page 104, Kindle Edition)

"To influence, while effacing oneself, to guide, while being one of the players, to have an adult's understanding of the needs of child nature and yet to be one with the children--these are the essentials of the supervision of play." (page 106, Kindle Edition)

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