Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Reading Together - How to Teach - The Teacher's Use of the Imagination

"Idealistic productive imagery does not fly in the face of reality as does the fanciful, nor does it adhere so strictly to facts as does the realistic. It deals with the possible--with what may be, but with what is not yet." (page 69, Kindle Edition)

"The importance of productive imagery cannot be overemphasized. This power to create the new out of the old is one of the greatest possessions of mankind." (page 69, Kindle Edition)

"The thinking, or it may even have been reasoning, involved few clear-cut images of any kind. The fragmentary, schematic nature of the carriers and the large part played by feelings of direction and attitude are the rather astonishing results of the introspective analysis resulting from this discussion. This sort of thinking is valuable for the same reasons that thinking in terms of words is valuable--it only goes a step further, but it needs direction and training." (page 72, Kindle Edition)

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