Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Music: An Art and a Language - Reading Together - Schubert and Weber

"Classical works are objectively beautiful, commending themselves to everyone like works of nature, or, let us say, like decorative patterns in pure design. Romantic works are subjective, charged with individuality and demand a sensitive and sympathetic appreciation on the part of the hearer."
(location 2360, Kindle Edition)

"Here again Weber's fame rests more upon his influence than upon lasting achievement; as to the importance of this influence, however, there can be no doubt."
(location 2517, Kindle Edition)

"Of marked versatility, of no mean literary skill and of such social magnetism and charm that he might properly be considered a man of the world, as well as an artist, Weber was thus enabled to do pioneer work in raising the standard of musicianship and in bringing the art of music and ordinary, daily life into closer touch."
(location 2521, Kindle Edition)

You just finished reading Music: An Art and a Language - Reading Together - Schubert and Weber.
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