Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Music: An Art and a Language - Reading Together - The Musical Sentence

"But just as Unity depends upon a definite basic tonality, so Variety is gained by this very freedom of modulation. Without it is monotony; with too much modulation, an irritating restlessness. By the perfect balance in his works of these two related elements a genius may be definitely recognized."
(location 794, Kindle Edition)

"When an extra measure is systematically introduced into each phrase of 4 measures we have what is known as 'five-bar rhythm'—so prevalent in the works of Schubert and Brahms."
(location 893, Kindle Edition)

"Just as in the case of the systematic insertion of an extra measure, which produces 'five-bar rhythm,' so when a measure is omitted in each phrase which would usually consist of four measures, we have 'three-bar rhythm.' This gives an effect of great concentration and intensity and is a prevalent feature in Scottish and Hungarian folk-music."
(location 906, Kindle Edition)

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