Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Music: An Art and a Language - Reading Together - Preliminary Considerations

"Every great musical composition reveals a carefully planned and perfect balance between the emotional and intellectual elements."
(location 116, Kindle Edition)

"The question for every music-lover is: can I equip myself in such a way as to feel at home in this language, to receive the message as directly as possible, and finally with perfect ease and satisfaction? This equipment demands a strong, accurate memory, a keen power of discrimination and a sympathetic, open mind."
(location 169, Kindle Edition)

"The would-be appreciator should early recognize the fact that listening to music is by no means passive, a means of light amusement or to pass the time, but demands cooperation of an active nature."
(location 188, Kindle Edition)

"Every genuine work of art in whatever medium, stone, color, word or tone, must exhibit unity of general effect with variety of detail."
(location 221, Kindle Edition)

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