Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Imperfect Harmony - Reading Together - O Magnum Mysterium

"Part of the reason for that, Lauridsen— a former singer himself—believes, is that he made sure every voice part got something great to do." (page 224, Kindle Edition)

"But Lauridsen has great affection for all the voice parts, and altos in particular, it appears. 'Altos! The great overlooked voice. Not in my music!' he happily proclaimed over the phone." (page 225, Kindle Edition)

"In interviews , Lauridsen frequently recalls how his love of music began with the sound of his mother’s singing." (page 225, Kindle Edition)

"In the end, Lauridsen didn’t manage to convey the breadth of Mary’s significance and suffering in one line, or even one note. It’s in every note." (page 226, Kindle Edition)

You just finished reading Imperfect Harmony - Reading Together - O Magnum Mysterium.
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