Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Art of Practicing - Reading Together - Tuning into Your Heart

"We are connecting to the heart and mind of a great composer, and to the extent that we are able to do that, we connect with and nourish ourselves." (loc: 730)

Isn't this the main reason that most of us - if not all of us - decided that we wanted to learn to play an instrument? We had heard a piece of music and it stirred something in us. And so, we seek to master the music so that we can make it ours and connect with it. Many of our students come from that same place. So, as they are working on learning the nuts and bolts of making music, let us help them to remember why they are learning music. And, let us help them revel in the music that they are producing - even if it is not concert-worthy yet.

note: I'm reading this book from through my Kindle app, so quotations are shown by the location in the Kindle document.

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