Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Art of Practicing - Reading Together - Meeting Yourself

Bruser begins her book by expressing that the key to why musicians pursue music is because it already is a part of us. It is part of our identity, part of our internal being.

Two quotes from this chapter stood out to me.
"When we go to a teacher we hope that he or she will appreciate our sincerity of heart, and that the discipline we learn will enable us to express ourselves from the heart." (loc: 200)
We recognize this as musicians, but as teachers we also need to be aware of this as we interact with our students and attempt to further their abilities.

"Each person’s talent is unique, and some are more gifted than others, but an intense desire to play well indicates that music is already inside the person, pressing toward the surface and needing to come out. Know this, and take heart from it as you make your particular journey with music." (loc: 214)
Our students need to understand this. We need to help them to see this. We need them to remember this as they struggle in their learning.

note: I'm reading this book from through my Kindle app, so quotations are shown by the location in the Kindle document.

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