Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Essential Opera - Reading Together - Part 20

La Traviata is one of Verdi's most famous operas.

Here's a brief synopsis:
"At one of her brilliant supper parties, the beautiful but frail demi-mondaine, Violetta ValĂ©ry, meets the well-born Alfredo Germont, and for love of him abandons her feverish life of pleasure. Alfredo’s father intrudes on their idyllic existence in the country and, although realizing her sincerity, persists in his demand that Violetta renounce Alfredo. Violetta determines to make the sacrifice and departs, leaving only a note for Alfredo. She appears at a ball in Flora’s house on the arm of an old admirer, Baron Douphol, to the fury of Alfredo. The two men play at cards; Alfredo wins consistently. Unable to persuade Violetta to go with him, Alfredo insults her and is challenged by the Baron. Violetta becomes ill, and all her friends desert her, leaving her virtually penniless. Alfredo at last returns. His father has told him of Violetta’s noble renunciation, and urged him to seek her forgiveness. Overjoyed at the sight of him, Violetta attempts to rise. But it is too late. As Germont and the doctor enter, Violetta dies in Alfredo’s arms." (from Opera Production: A Handbook by Quaintance Eaton, University of Minnesota Press, 1961)

Here are some resources on La Traviata:

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