Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Essential Opera - Reading Together - Part 12

Gioachino Rossini was born in the late 1700s and lived into the mid-1800s. He wrote sacred music, chamber music, other instrumental music , as well as thirty-nine operas.

His most famous operas are The Barber of Seville, La Cerentola, and William Tell. Some of his operas were written in his native language, Italian. Others were written in French. He wrote most of his operas (twenty of them) between 1815 and 1823.

"Apart from some individual legacies in favour of his wife and relatives, Rossini willed his entire estate to the Comune of Pesaro. The inheritance was invested to establish a Liceo Musicale (Conservatory) in the town. When, in 1940, the Liceo was put under state control and turned into the Conservatorio Statale di Musica 'Gioachino Rossini', the corporate body to which Rossini's inheritance had been conveyed, assumed the style of Fondazione G. Rossini. The aims of the institution, which is still in full activity, are to support the Conservatorio initiatives and to promote the study and the spread worldwide of the figure, the memory, and the works of Rossini."

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