Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Essential Opera - Reading Together - Part 10

Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) by Mozart is one of his most famous operas. This work premiered in 1791 in Vienna. It was an immediate hit and has continued to be a favorite opera throughout the centuries.

"The opera celebrated its 100th performance in November 1792. Mozart did not have the pleasure of witnessing this milestone, having died of his illness on 5 December 1791."

"The first recording of The Magic Flute was of a performance at the 1937 Salzburg Festival, with Toscanini conducting the Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera."

A quick synopsis:
Prince Tamino is saved from a serpent by three ladies in the service of the Queen of Night. The bird catcher Papageno takes credit for the rescue, but the three ladies soon set the record straight. They show Tamino a portait of the queen's daughter, Pamina, who is enslaved by Sarastro. Tamino falls in love with Pamina and sets out to rescue her. The three ladies give Tamino a magic flute to help him on his quest.
Papageno finds Pamina and tells her that Tamino loves her and is going to save her. Tamino is brought before Sarastro and told that he needs to undergo tests to prove his worthiness to marry Pamina. Tamino successfully undergoes the trials, Papageno finds a wife, and Tamino and Pamina are happily married.

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