Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Essential Opera - Reading Together - Part 4

This week's reading focused on the different voice types within opera. I found it fascinating to read up on the ranges for different voices.

The article also highlighted the dangers of misclassifying voices.
"Voice classification is important for vocal pedagogists and singers as a guiding tool for the development of the voice.
Misclassification can damage the vocal cords, shorten a singing career and lead to the loss of both vocal beauty and free vocal production.
Some of these dangers are not immediate ones; the human voice is quite resilient, especially in early adulthood, and the damage may not make its appearance for months or even years.
Unfortunately, this lack of apparent immediate harm can cause singers to develop bad habits that will over time cause irreparable damage to the voice.
Singing outside the natural vocal range imposes a serious strain upon the voice."

Leave your comments and impressions below. And, don't forget to read the fifth installment for next week.

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