Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teach Like a Champion - Part 5 (Reading Together)

This chapter focuses on how to establish the a classroom culture that encourages your students to be learning.

- Entry Routine
Have a routine in place which your students follow when they get to class.

- Do Now
Have an exercise that previews or reviews for your students to do at the beginning of class.

- Tight Transitions

- Binder Control

- Slant
Stands for sit up, listen, ask and answer questions, nod your head, and track the speaker.

- On Your Mark
Make sure your students know what they need to have to start class. They should make sure that they have everything ready to start class.

- Seat Signals
Have non-verbal signals for your students to use to indicate the need to use the bathroom, sharpen a pencil, etc.

- Props
Use to show public praise for students. A prop should be quick, visceral, universal, and enthusiastic.

Now to you: What stood out to you in this chapter?

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