Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Piano Teacher's Guide to Creative Composition - Part 5 (Reading Together)

This chapter focuses on how to refine a composition. Klose starts out with a list of some easy ways to create more variety.

Klose also includes more expanded examples and ideas to use to help your students refine their compositions:
- how to harmonize a melody
- how to develop interesting accompaniments (includes quite a few examples geared towards different levels of students)
- how to spice up chord progressions
- how to vary the bass line
- how to form transitions
- how to create endings
- how to use repetitions effectively
- how to write duets

This final chapter is followed by the appendix which includes some helpful resources:
- a list of all the music examples in chapters 1 to 5
- a list of resources including additional teaching material

I hope you've enjoyed reading along. I know I've really benefited from this book. I'll be announcing the next book in the next couple of weeks, so make sure to stop back to find out what we'll be reading next.

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