Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Incorporate Drills

Here's a list of ways to include drills as a part of your regular teaching repertoire.

1.  Use drills as warm-ups.  
We know it's good to stretch out before excercising.  The same applies to playing an instrument.  There are a lot of muscles involved, so warming up is a great way to get ready to play.

2.  Challenge.
Everyone loves a challenge.  Try to see how many times your student can complete the drill perfectly in a set amount of time (for example: in one minute).

3.  Moving up.  
Use an object (my preference is to use my Lego minifigs) that moves up the piano for each time the drill is completed.  This is a great way to make the repetition not so mundane.

4.  Assign drills as part of normal practice.  
Assign one drill each week as a part of the practicing assignment you give your students.  Let your students choose one of the methods listed above to use at home during their practice time.

Do you use drills as a part of your approach to teaching?  Why or why not?  Join the conversation in the comments below.  

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