Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Method Books for Beginner Guitar Students

While there are quite a few method series out for piano students, I have really struggled to find something that I can use with my guitar students.  Some may argue against using a method book for guitar students, and I'd love to hear your comments!  However, I find it beneficial for both myself and the student.  Using a method book gives the student structure and also a sense of progression and accomplishment.  As a teacher, I like it because it helps to ensure that we cover all the basics in a consistent and regular pattern. 

I had been using Everybody's Guitar Method from FJH Music Company, but found myself having a hard time tracking down copies of the book.  Therefore, I was excited when I came across Alfred's Basic Guitar Method.  There are three books to this series, as well as quite a few supplements including theory books, chord charts, and pop song books.  The method books offer everything you would expect from a method book, including how to play notes, reading music, chords, and of course songs. 

If you have a guitar method you use, I'd enjoy hearing about it.  Please feel free to post your thoughts and comments below. 

Disclaimer:  This recommendation is purely my own, based upon my own preferences.  I have not received any products or compensation from Alfred Music Publishing. 

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