Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Developing Technique - Arpeggios to the Rescue

Are you looking to further your piano skills? Are you trying to help your students develop their piano playing technique? Use arpeggios to develop technique.
According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, an arpeggio is "a chord in which the notes are played separately instead of at the same time."

- Pick an arpeggio.
Depending on your skill level - or the skill level of your student - pick an arpeggio to use. Start with a simple C major chord. As you work on developing your skill, branch out. Instead of using just I chords, use other common chords and their inversions (such as IV and V7 chords).

- Use the whole keyboard.
Don't just confine yourself to the area around middle C. This will help you to become comfortable with where notes are. This will help your students learn to recognize note patterns on the piano. Work your way both up and down the keyboard.

- Play around with timing.
Challenge yourself to play each arpeggio at a fast tempo with even notes. Change things up by varying the rhythm you are using. Work on honing your fluency and your articulation.
Question for you: What technique exercises have worked for you?

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